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Les Maisons de Patricia specializes in high-end villa and apartment rentals in Casablanca and Dar Bouazza, Morocco. Many of our clients are expats who relocate to Morocco, whether employees of multinational companies or expats moving to Morocco on their own. As expats living in Morocco ourselves, we understand what other expats value when renting a villa or apartment.


Our real estate agency’s goal is to offer you a tailored housing search based on your priorities and needs. We work closely with other agencies, selecting and coordinating visits for all the properties that meet your criteria, which eliminates the need to visit properties with several agencies, saving you both time and energy

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Patricia takes House Hunters International to the beach town Dar Bouazza, Casablanca

Patricia visits Dar Bouazza, a sweet beach-town on the outskirts of Casablanca, with Paul and Mariah, teachers from California starting out on their adventure in Morocco.

Dar Bouazza offers them the beach at their doorstep, and a quick commute to Casablanca. Which place will they choose?

Ancre 2

Patricia visits Marrakech with House Hunters International

House Hunters International, the popular American TV series, recently came to Marrakech and asked Patricia Gorman to help Alice find just the right place to call home. Can you guess which place she chooses? Find out here and also get a glimpse of Marrakech’s wonders and magic.

Ancre 3

Patricia gives the US Travel Channel a tour of Casablanca

The poplular American TV channel invited Patricia Gorman to help Amy and Rob as they weighed the pros and cons of relocating to Casablanca from Washington DC. Check out the episode to learn more about life in Casablanca.  

Will Amy and Rob decided to move to “Casa”?

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