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4 Dar Bouazza Seaside Restaurants open during Ramadan

Looking for a place to relax, have lunch, and sip a cool drink during Ramadan? Many of the “private beaches” (plage privée in French) in Dar Bouazza/Tamaris are open and serving lunch/dinner. Ramadan is a great time to enjoy the beach, without all of Casablanca with you!

Also, if you’d like to try a traditional Moroccan ftor (the breaking of the fast) by the sea, here are a few great option as well. Enjoy!

Dar Bouazza Beach Restaurants during Ramadan:

1. Atlantic Beach/Chez Serge – open Tues-Sun for lunch and Wed-Sat for dinner, closed on Monday, serves alcohol. 05-22-33-01-36

2. Babaloo – noon to midnight, with a break from 6-8pm for the ftor; serves alcohol. 06-61-87-07-55

3. Playa del Mar – noon to 1am; no alcohol. 06-78-71-74-75

4. Sunny Beach – noon to 6pm, serves alcohol 06-61-37-24-72

Fun Ftors in Dar Bouazza

1. Babaloo – 320dhs per person; at the plage privée. 06-61-87-07-55

2. Chill Out – 160dhs per person, 70dhs for kids, located in the Annsari neighborhood, the little Dar Bouazza city center. Chill Out is across from AlloCroquettes. 05-22-96-10-31

3. O’Maya - 180dhs per person; at the plage privée. 06-99-33-79-88

4. The Vintage - 220dhs per person - on the Rt Azzemour. When coming from Casa, it’s on the left hand side of the road (used to be Marie Jeanne), in between the red light and the last Dar Bouazza/Tamaris round about. 06-62-11-80-27

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