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International School Options in Casablanca

Whether you are planning a move to Casablanca or are already here and thinking of switching schools, the school you choose for your child will most likely guide where you will decide to live.

In the Casablanca area, we have a growing number of schools that teach in English – some following the American system and some the British. The IB is also offered. Additionally, the French and Spanish state schools and the private Belgian schools are options for families that would like their children to study in a language other than English.

We would be glad to talk with you individually about school options and provide more tailored information. We can also help connect you with admissions staff, set up visits, etc., at the various schools. However, to help get you started, we’ve put together a list of schools that teach in English (in alphabetical order, not in order of preference) and also a bit of info about the French/Spanish/Belgian options.

English Language Instruction:

  • American Academy Casablanca (AAC)Bouskoura: American curriculum. Located in Bouskoura. http://www.aac.ac.ma/

  • British International School Casablanca– Bouskoura: Cambridge International Curriculum. Opened in 2016. https://www.bisc.ma/en/

  • Casablanca American School (CAS)Californie: American curriculum. The first private American school in Casablanca, offers the IB option. http://www.cas.ac.ma/

  • George Washington Academy (GWA) - Dar Bouazza: American curriculum, offering the IB starting in 2020. At the time of writing, GWA has the largest percentage of international students amongst the Casablanca schools. Their facilities recently went thru a major upgrade, including a new, modern library. https://www.gwa.ac.ma/

  • International School of Morocco (ISM)-Oasis/Dar Bouazza: British curriculum, small class sizes and a strong sense of community. The school is currently in Oasis, but is in the process of moving to Dar Bouazza for the Fall 2019 school year. https://www.ism-c.ma/

French Language Instruction:

  • The French public school system educates close to 40,000 students throughout Morocco, and has schools in 137 different countries, making it an attractive option for expat families. https://www.efmaroc.org/fr/ ; https://www.aefe.fr.

  • Ecole Française International (EFI)Casa Anfa City: Also recognized in France, EFI teaches predominately in French, but offers a portion of their classes in English, making it an option if you are looking for a bilingual French-English school. http://www.eficasablanca.org/

Spanish Language Instruction:

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